Our Services

You work hard to have an amazing view of the beautiful Tucson landscape, yet you lack the time or physical ability to keep your view looking spotless and smudge free. From screens to solar panels, we make sure you are happy with the end result. Feel free to ask our team any questions you may have and they will be happy to give an informative response.

Whether you have a large building or a small storefront, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE. Over the years, we have worked with many local businesses to help keep their windows looking professional.

Post Construction Cleaning

Real Estate companies have long relied on us to help meet their deadlines with window cleaning. Window cleaning is a specialized skill. Our team has been specifically trained to leave your windows spotless and scratch free after a major construction project.

Solar Panel Cleaning

In order to keep your solar panels working at full capacity, studies suggest that solar panels should be cleaned regularly. This mainly applies to solar panels that are located in desert areas such as Tucson. Since solar panels are usually out of sight out of mind, call us today to come check them out and give you a free estimate on cleaning them.

Garage Cleaning & Reorganization

Garage cleaning is a daunting task. Clutter grows over time making it difficult to figure out how to go about organizing your stuff. On top of that, many of our residential clients are elderly and have sadly lived through the passing of their beloved spouse. With this comes the difficult task of trying to organize the belongings of their loved one that have been kept in their garage. Many are unable to lift heavy boxes and have children who live out of state. Feel free to ask us for an estimate to help reorganize and clean your garage. We are respectful of you and your belongings, and we can help get the job done in a reasonable time.

Blind Cleaning

Not all window cleaning companies clean blinds. We do! We work with lots of different kinds of blinds. Many times whilst cleaning the blinds, homeowners dirty their windows. Call us today to get the job done all at once.

Other Services

We try to be as helpful as possible when we are at a your home. Some things we clean or get done around your house are:

  • Light Fixtures
  • Mirrors
  • Shower Doors
  • Fire Detector Battery Replacement
  • Pretty much anything else you can think of, we can see if we will be able to help you get that done around your house.