About Us

About Us

Clear Water is owned and operated by Antonio and Ana Cervantez. We have been servicing Tucson and all surrounding areas since 2013. We specialize in all forms of window cleaning and have been trusted to clean banks and other locations that require some form of security clearance.

Antonio Cervantez-

Antonio has been cleaning windows for over 10 years and has worked with several different window cleaning companies, with whom he still maintains a good relationship today. In 2013, he set out to start a business of his own at only 20 years old. He is happy that the business has helped him to pursue his true passion of volunteering to help people in the community and be able to spend more time with his lovely wife. When Antonio isn't working or volunteering, he enjoys crafting his artistic endeavors and trying to learn a second language.

Ana Cervantez-

Fluent in 4 languages, Ana loves people and language. She also has many years of experience cleaning windows and has been trained by a professional. Whether she is cleaning windows, answering calls, or giving an estimate, she will make sure you are satisfied with the work done. Her pleasant dispostion always lights up our customers day. When she isn't working, she enjoys volunteering to help the community, hiking, photography, and spending time with family and friends. Ana's love of language also spurs her on to keep learning more. Who knows which one will be next?

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Antonio & Ana Cervantez

By Phone - (347) 224-5867

By Email - antonio@cwwcaz.com

Licensed and Insured

Fluent in English

American Sign Language

Hablamos Español

Falamos Portugues